Delamourd Melodie
M. Delamourd Folio
3D Environment Artist

M. Delamourd Folio

3D Environment Artist


About Me

++ Melodie Delamourd ++

Cont@ct :
DoB : 2nd November 1985 (28)
Place : France

Hello, I was a 3D Environment Artist at DAOKA (Belgium) since 2011 June.

Here you will find screens for published games I've worked on, old works, and some art tests.

Hidden Tribes was my end of year project, done in 2010 with Authelet Julien and Housiaux Jonathan, using the Fresh Engine for PS3.

Released Game :

Fighter Within (Kinect - XBOX ONE)

My Self Defense Coach (Kinect - Xbox 360) :

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2D only~ spare time doodles and sketches :)
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